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The Nuts and Bolts of Quantum Mechanics A Gentle Introduction for Undergraduates
Dennis Morris

This book is a slow paced introduction to quantum mechanics for undergraduates and interested laypersons. The presentation is both reader friendly and complete. 406 pages.

ISBN 978-0992636883



Introductory Solid State Physics From the Material Properties of Solids to Nanotechnologies
David Schmool

Introductory Solid State Physics provides a broad introduction to some of the principal areas of the physical phenomena in solid materials and is aimed broadly at undergraduate students of physics and engineering related subjects. 628 pages.

ISBN 978-0992636869



Basic Electromagnetic Theory Field Theory Foundations and Structure
James Babington

Basic Electromagnetic Theory is designed as a concise introduction to electromagnetic field theory emphasizing the physical foundations of the subject. It is aimed at an undergraduate readership, primarily physics students. 186 pages.

ISBN 978-0992636845



Computational Physics An Undergraduate's Guide
Darren Walker

This book is designed to provide the reader with a grounding in scientific programming. It contains many exercises developed in the context of physics problems, and several examples of working programs to provide a solid basis on which to build. 371 pages.

ISBN 978-0992636807



Newtonian Mechanics A Modelling Approach
Derek Raine
Newtonian mechanics is taught as part of every physics program for several reasons. It is a towering intellectual achievement; it has diverse applications; and it provides a context for teaching modelling and problem solving. This text gives equal prominence to all three missions. 288 pages.

ISBN 978-0992636821



Finding Your Way in the Undergraduate Physics Laboratory
Matthew French

This new book aims to guide both the experimentalist and theoretician through their compulsory laboratory course forming part of an undergraduate physics degree. 280 pages.

ISBN 978-0954978082



Empty Space is Amazing Stuff The Special Theory of Relativity and The Nature of Space
Dennis Morris
This book concentrates on presenting the theory of special relativity as the geometry of space-time. The presentation is straightforward, complete and reader-friendly, with explanatory asides, which give historical context and links with other branches of physics and mathematics. 314 pages.

ISBN 978-0954978075





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