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Pantaneto Press has inaugurated a publication package scheme for conference editors and organisers.


Two of the main problems in organising a scientific conference series are finding good speakers and obtaining funds.


One of the ways of addressing these twin hurdles is to publish conference proceedings in a print volume. First, this gives to conference speakers the assurance that their paper will appear in print, in a published conference proceedings. Second, organisers of a conference series can approach funding sources armed with a printed copy of a previous conference.


In addition, in conferences where there are too many contributions to be able to practically publish a printed volume, it would be beneficial if conference organisers had the option of publishing a book of selected articles based on the conference.


We offer a standard package as follows:


Publish in paperback format (6” x 9”) up to 350 pages, (black and white, but cover in colour) available on Amazon and which can be ordered in bookshops and direct from the publishers.


Print book and Kindle version both available on Amazon.


30 free print books for organisers, editors and authors.


Editors are responsible for typesetting, text and for providing front cover picture and advertising text; publisher completes cover design (in colour).


Publisher provides ISBN numbers for print book and Kindle versions.


Royalties paid on net sales.


In addition to the standard package, available add-ons are:


Larger format and/or greater number of pages.


Hard cover


Typesetting service.


Full cover design


If you are interested please email me for a quotation.



Nigel Sanitt






The proceedings of the Fourth Science Matters Conference, which we reported in Issue 53, January 2014, of the Pantaneto Forum have been published by Pantaneto Press. The print version is priced at £30, but for direct orders we are offering a 20% discount plus postage.

Mindboggling: Preliminaries to a science of the mind   by Roy Harris. Do you have a mind? Answers to this question have divided Western thinkers for centuries, and still do. Mindboggling sets out to identify a nucleus of basic issues about the mind, and present the main arguments for and against in each case. Targeted to a lay readership, each chapter discusses a different theory, myth or idea about the mind. Anticipate wails from theorists whose theories have been given short shrift. Published in September, 2008, Mindboggling is available on Amazon (including Kindle), from Bookshops or direct from Publishers. 

Science on Television by Bienvenido León.  The book is a clear and systematic guide to the narrative and rhetorical techniques used by science documentary filmmakers. The book will be priced at £18.50 RRP, but for direct orders we are offering a 20% discount. The book is also available on Amazon Kindle.  

Motivating Science, is a collection of articles from the first five years of The Pantaneto Forum.  £13.95 RRP, but for direct orders we are offering a 20% discount. The book is also available on Amazon Kindle.