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We publish a free journal – The Pantaneto Forum – and books on science communication, philosophy and education with emphasis on the physical sciences.

Our physics series of textbooks covers university level physics and we have a forthcoming book on pre-college physics.

We also provide a publishing service for conferences, where we publish a conference volume of all or selected papers and articles.

Our free journal - The Pantaneto Forum - aims to promote debate on how scientists communicate, with particular emphasis on how such communication can be improved through education and a better philosophical understanding of science.

For the journal, please post or send any articles to me at nigel at All submissions will be refereed.

We are also seeking to publish books in the area of science and philosophy. If you have a book proposal, please send in sample chapters, a précis of the book and a brief author bio.

Dr Nigel Sanitt
Editor, The Pantaneto Forum
1st Floor, 3 Gordon Street,
Luton, LU1 2QP, England


ISSN 1741-1572