Issue 4: October 2001


In "Communicating Reality" Alan Shapiro traces the historical roots of object-oriented computer design back to Plato. His thesis is that computer simulation represents a new and broader definition of science communication, such that it is easier for "individuals with a humanities or fine arts background, rather than those with a strictly technical education" to participate in developing the cyber world.

Science communication is as much about creating clarity as breaking down barriers. Wolfgang Goede investigates the changing face of science journalism over the last couple of hundred years and the challenges that scientists and journalists confront today in "Empowering Underdogs" .

In a bold piece of futurology, Bernulf Kanitscheider tries to see beyond man and machine to a future where computer technology is the key to human survival. In "Humans and Future Communication Systems" he argues that there are "emergent problems that cannot be handled by natural brains alone".

It is important, I believe, to broaden the science curriculum at university level to include philosophy of science teaching. In "How to Teach Physics in an Anti-Scientific Society", Herbert Pietschman expounds a novel scheme of how an erroneous view of the relationship between science and human society can result in anti-scientism. He concludes, based on his experience of teaching physics at the university of Vienna, that the teaching of physics without methodology is incomplete and that physics "is and should remain a part of culture which is different from other aspects of human life but an integral part of it".

This issue of The Pantaneto Forum completes our first year and I would like to thank all our contributors, readers, and supporters who have helped our endeavour.

Nigel Sanitt


Communicating Reality? Alan Shapiro
Empowering Underdogs Wolfgang C. Goede
Humans and Future Communication Systems Bernulf Kanitscheider
How to teach Physics in an Anti-Scientific Society Herbert Pietschman

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