ISBN: 978-0-9549780-1-3 Cover: Paperback

Price: £18.50 SIZE: 200 x 130 mm 165 pages

Science on Television:

The Narrative of Scientific Documentary


Bienvenido León


This book explains how to communicate science by means of documentary films.  It is a systematic guide, with theoretical depth and practical examples to help producers and writers of documentaries as well as scientists interested in communication, television professionals and students of journalism and audiovisual communication.


BIENVENIDO LEÓN is associate Professor of Science Communication and Television Production at the University of Navarre, Pamplona, Spain and has written, produced and directed a number of documentaries for several television channels.




“Science on Television is a thorough and scholarly analysis of the narrative techniques used to communicate scientific topics on television.  Every budding documentary producer should study this book.”

Sean Morris Award-winning producer of wildlife TV documentaries and Founder (with others) of Oxford Scientific Films Ltd


“Talking science should be fun, but only if writers and film makers ask how to do it.  Prof. Leόn turns a rigorously questioning eye on all who practise the art in our rapidly changing world of communication.”

Barry Paine, science writer, broadcaster and wildlife film maker.


“An interesting, important and thoroughly researched book.”

Jeffery Boswall, Producer, BBC Natural History Unit 1957-1987




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